Here is a selection of both some rock climbing and route setting videos. A massive thank you to the guys who put them together. Click on the images below and the full videos will open in another tab... Enjoy! :)
 Commentating for the IFSC Lead World Cup in Briancon 
©International Federation of Sport Climbing - July 2017

Setting the "Bee Circuit" at Highball Norwich Climbing Centre UK
© Martin Smith - June 2016
 Setting the Boulder Brighton Third Birthday Party Comp
© Think Again Productions - March 2016

Route Setting for the White Spider Boulder Comp with Cailean and Evie
© Ed Wong - May 2015
Setting the Scarpa / Beastmaker Wooden Boulder Circuit at Boulder Brighton
© Evie Cotrulia - March 2015

"Mecca" F8b+ at Raven Tor, Peak District, UK 
© Evie Cotrulia - September 2014

"Prison Sex" F7c+ at Portland, Dorset, UK
© Evie Cotrulia - October 2011