My Sponsors are the brands that I really believe in and that work for me. I recommend them all highly.

I thank them for their continued support....

 Scarpa UK - www.scarpa.co.uk

In my opinion Scarpa currently offer the best shoes on the market. Amazing performance and they never let me down. A shoe to suit everybody and every type of climb or rock.

My personal favourites are the "Instinct VS" and "Stix"

 DMM - www.dmmclimbing.com

An industry leader in climbing hardware and soft goods based in Wales in the UK.

My favourite items are the "Alpha Clip Quickdraws" and the "Maverick 2 Harness"

Orgainic Climbing - www.organicclimbing.com

Amazing quality pads in funky colours. I use the "Big Pad" and "Simple Pad" whenever I'm out bouldering.

Friction Labs - www.frictionlabs.com

The absolute best chalk on the market. I can't believe what a difference it actually made. It really does stay on you skin and last longer. It comes in 3 different consistencies. 

My personal favourite is the super fine "Unicorn Dust".